Danny began his life on Dantooine, when his mother died in child birth. He was raised by his father who was said to be a descendant from the accident Jedi on Dantooine. Danny had a fulfilling life as a child in the small village on Dantooine, a normal life, away from war or politics. When Danny was 10 his Father told him about the Jedi and that he had the potential to become one, and from that day Danny was obsessed with the Jedi, There culture, there way of life, everything. He frequently adventured in the vast caves on Dantooine, developing his strength and his knowledge of the force. Then when he was 12, his village was attacked by space pirates, he saw his friends murdered and his village burned to the ground. He fled. Danny took refuge in one of the caves on Dantooine and when he resurfaced, three day later, there was nothing but a few building left standing. At his house, one of the buildings still standing, he found his fathers body lying lifeless on the floor. He told him self it was his fault for leaving the village; he thought he could have saved him. After that day he took it on himself to rebuild the village. For two years he and the other survivors of the attack rebuilt the village the best they could. Now 14 Danny wanted to carry on helping people and realised that his future lied with the Jedi. During his last year on Dantooine he helped recolonize the little village, it was now as good as ever. Danny set of to continue his life as a Jedi and carry on helping the Galaxy. But a sith has just manipulated Danny to the Dark Side. His master Kadaan Kresh has give n him the name Darth Ignatius.
Danny Bradley/Darth Igantius
Date of birth1055 ABY
ClassSith Lord
Skin ToneNormal Colour
Additional Info
Appeared EraRenewed Destinies