Force Rage - This Force Power allows the user to become so consumed with their emotions that they speed up their entire body, raise their strength and become more viscious. They do this by channeling their anger into the force. This effect only lasts for a while as the body cannot take much and becomes weakened after it wears off.

Force Grip/Choke - These powers are one alike. Grip and Choke both utilize the Force to cause damage to a certain target who could be in their site or at arms length. Grip is intended to raise the target and cause them harm.Choke is mostly intended to torture and kill while suffocating the target. If the user is very force sensitive he or she can choke while not even close to the target they could be over video or planets away just sensing the target.

Force Lightning - Force energy taking the form of lightning bolts which leave the Force user's body through his fingertips or the palms of his hand. Force Lightning can be used by one or two hands. Lightning can be deflected by a lightsaber or absorbed by Force Absorb. Lightning is sometimes used as torture because it breaks down the target mentally and physically. But it also can be used to kill someone with a single strike

Force Fear - This power makes the topic go into a state of intense fear and making them become a coward and almost stunned for a short period of time. This is the Sith variation of Jedi Mind Trick.

Force Drain­ - Force Drain uses the force to suck the life out of a target in a close range of the user. This power sucks the life out of the target and transfers it into the user making the user heal his wounds. Sometimes this is used as torture but in many cases as a desperate attempt to replenish energy and life.

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