Jera Ismet's LifeEdit

Through the generations, there have been a few people in her culture to show the ability to use the Force. At the age of ten, every child is tested for this ability. Jairdain was found to have this and from the age of ten, she has been trained in the use of the Force. She does not have any special talent to speak of. She can remain calm through anything though. When she was 17. a plague struck her people. She was the only survivor in her family. The people that survived the plague thought it strange none of the Force users were affected by it. A council was called by some of the Elders. They voted to get rid of the Force users. Each were given enough supplies to make it to the next system, some money to buy provisions and ships of thier own. They are small fighter like ships, but don't have any weapons. They were all banished and told never to return. None of them were welcome there and the planet was no longer to be called home.

She quickly lost contact with the other banished with her. She changed her name to Jera E'Delu Ismet. In her travels she heard of a couple groups, but they are in hiding. She doesn't have any idea how to get in touch with either one, but figures one of them can find a way to contact her. If they want to.
Jera Ismet
Date of birth1052 ABY
ClassJedi Master
Skin ToneLight Brown
Additional Info
Appeared EraRenewed Destinies