Stolen Childhood Edit

Kadaan was a little baby when he was kidnapped by a very powerful Sith Lord named Darth Magluis. The Sith took him away from his home planet and home to Korribban. Kadaan cried as he wanted to be free of his kidnappers grip. He did not know any emotions as he grew up. His Sith master taught him only hate and a vicious rage. With any sign of pity, mercy, or weakness Kadaan was beaten badly by his Master, Magluis.

Basics of the Force Edit

He was taught the basics of the force first. He gradually advanced. Being able to push pencils across tables, soon turned into pushing bodies across the room. He gradually learned the Dark Side of the force also. Magluis was a horrible yet very strong and wise master for Kadaan. Kadaan Kresh learned many things from his master. The one good thing he learned was to stick up for yourself. Kadaan was dueling a fellow Sith apprentice named Alegras in the Academy. A tall boy of Kadaan’s age, but not nearly as tall as the Chiss. Alegras had Kadaan pitted down on the ground almost to finish him off, as Magluis appeared.

“ You did well Alegras, but Kadaan you shall be punished.” Magluis said with a smile on his face.

Prison for Failure Edit

Kadaan was dragged by his shoulders to the prison room where he stayed for 1 year as Alegras surpassed him even more than already. While in the holding chambers Kadaan starved and worked his body out until he was almost perfectly fit. Kadaan’s eyes glowed red in the night and he felt himself grow in power. He could feel Alegras in the force as they talked to each other at night. The two were good friends and together would be an unstoppable team. Around the time that Kadaan was released from his holding cell,Magluis had been stationed in Coruscant and a replacement master named Sith Lord Kallel had been assigned to the duo.

Revenge Edit

Kadaan had a great feast as he was freed from the holding cell with Magluis on leave. Alegras now Kadaan’s best friend greeted him as he stepped out. They both talked about what had happened since he had been gone. They talked about Magluis being gone and Kallel replacing him temporarily. Alegras told Kadaan about how weak Kallel was compared to the two of them combined and they plotted to eliminate him.

During a duel Alegras overpowered the “weak” Kadaan. Kadaan readied himself for Kallel to be amazed at Alegras and compliment him. Alegras readied himself also. As Kallel and Alegras talked, Kadaan tapped the Sith Lord on the shoulder and punched him in the face. As the Sith turned to Kadaan, Alegras ignited his lightsaber and slice Kallel down the middle of his body. The two had decided if he was easy to overpower maybe they could take out Magluis also. So now the two train in the Sith Academy nonstop preparing for Magluis to arrive.

Afterwords Edit

After Magluis arrived the two executed their plan. Soon after Kadaan brought a new Sith under his wing named Danny Bradley. He gave the Sith the name Darth Ignatius. Soon Kadaan searched for the Sith Holocron and found it sucessfully bringing in another Sith named San Xaan. Now Kadaan has been transformed by the Jedi into a human under the knife. He has been changed genetically by the Jedi into a unique human.
Kadaan Kresh
Date of birth1055 ABY
ClassSith Lord
HairBlack,combed back.
EyesRed. Like all Chiss he has no iris or pupil he eye is completely red.
Skin ToneBlue
Additional Info
Appeared EraRenewed Destiny