Birth Edit

Kurger Pyro was born on Coruscant. In an instant, he lived life to the fullest he could, even though he never understood it. It was a strange beginning. His parents weren't the best of the best, nor rich, but they still had given birth to a strange boy. At the age of just 1 day old, he was diagnosed with a heart and lung dysfunction, which meant that he could not breathe properly, how he survive this long, no one knows (though we all know the force had something to do with it). He was put straight into a moderate-classed hospital and a breathing machine, not opening his eyes again for 5 months, where by then they managed to find the locations which his lungs had holes in, and slowly, over the course of another 4 months, send developed and modified bacterium to repair them.

He made a full recovery, but was still held back one month for precautionary reasons.

At the age of 10 months, he was released out of hospital and back into his family.

Childhood Edit

Living in the best part - or at least in his opinion - of Coruscant, Kurger Pyro managed to forget his past, neither one of his parents mentioning it, it was unknown to him completely until he had passed his 8th birthday that his father had been with the Jedi. He always saw him come home with different relics from time to time, but never anything more. He made friends in the old fashion way, known to most intergalactic beings as school. His one supplied 1,746,293 children exactly with an education, though quite low and far below average. By the time he was 11 he could just finally learn to read the Galactic basic properly. With school and his parents wanting him to succeed and pressuring him to keep away from his friends more and more over the next year, he began to lose contact with the outside world, he learnt more of the history, he used to sneak into his father’s room to find out more about his work. He had seen his lightsaber hilt – of course still not knowing what it was really – in a metal case up on the wall, he saw him carry it himself most of the time, always when out of the house. He used to take hours of his own time reading through profiles of people he didn’t know, people who looked strange, not human… He stumbled onto the truth.

His Father Edit

“In order to know who a person is, you must know who they were born to.” That was what his father lived by, that sentence he told Kurger every day, telling him to be aware of his friends and how they behave. However, he never told Kurger the truth of himself, he never told his own son about what he had done. He was secretly a Jedi, as Kurger had now realised with the documents, strange protected hilt, and deception that had happened, what he didn’t know, is that he planned to betray them.

“Thank you for coming in this short notice,” the hooded figure said, it was a silvery blue sort of colour, as most holograms are. “It is a pleasure to meet you,” the figure with his back turned to whatever recorded this replied, “and I am sure you are just as interested in me.” The original man cackled, “Interested, no… I am intrigued!” he barked out, rising at the same time from the falcon topped throne he sat in, his black cloak swept behind him, “Darth-“ the second man began, he was instantly interrupted, “DON’T SPEAK THE NAME!” he cried out, his hand sweeping the mouth of the foul-speaker shut, “we must keep me secret for as long as possible.” And with that, a bolt of lightning hit the projector, and the hologram’s data collapsed.

The Betrayal Edit

As he now knew, his father was going to betray them or more how he will betray the Jedi Order. He couldn’t stop what may be happening. It did. They came with a screech and large explosions, the Jedi Temple had been stormed, however, the attackers – what he yet did not know were Sith – were not strong enough to push forwards and captured. Instead, they lost; they were defeated by a powerful blow. A blow by one called Revan, and his ally Malak. In the postponing battle, his father was brutally executed in an explosion of his ship, as he and the remaining Sith tried to escape. All were killed.

What Now? Edit

With his father killed, his mother was left alone to raise him further. This was a very difficult thing to do, due to the fact that the only job she could do (due to her also fairly low education), was a part-time dishwasher at the nearby restaurant. Though they still had a fairly small fortune to live on due to his father’s previous – and now known to have been secret – work. The fortune was wasted in one swift wave. His mother, seeing the chance of earning a lot more money and finding a new husband, put about 90% of their money into a business deal with the local Syndicate.. The deal was that she would work for them as a spy due to her youth and different looks. Her job was a risky one, but they promised that if she paid them to help her, they would protect her and offer her a job. She stupidly took it, not knowing what was going on due to her desperate needs. And by the 3rd mission, they had gone broke. The Syndicate never allowed her to make another deal, and took Kurger from her before she even returned from the mission. After that he never saw her again.

The Brutal Syndicate Edit

Now stripped of his father and mother forever, Kurger was forcefully adopted by the Syndicate. It is said if you take a child in his early few years, he begins to forget his parents. This wasn’t different with Kurger. The Syndicate gave him one, just one positive thing: The Force. He was beaten hard as he served those high up in the ladder of the Syndicate, all being bloodthirsty, murderous, and power-hungry. This offered him the chance to get his anger hyped up. And when it reached a certain level, he could control the force fortuitously – by luck. It burst frequently, breaking glasses or small objects at most times, causing no harm but still relieving him of the built up stress. It was also fortuitously, that a bounty hunter, who was also working with the growing power of the Sith, came in to the Syndicate HQ one day.

A Connection… The Force Edit

As he was now approaching quite quickly into his late teens, Kurger was told to go with this bounty hunter on his first mission, to prove himself worthy and to find out whether he is actually going to be useful in the future. The mission was to help the bounty hunter find a wanted Jawa. He had made a deal with the Syndicate, and didn’t keep up his part of the deal. The mission turned out easily. The Jawa had given himself up at first, and came with them to board the ship to return, at the last second, Kurger stopped, “We shouldn’t board,” He told the bounty hunter, who turned around, “Sorry kid, I have my orders, we are to leave now. Whether you go or not, I’m leaving.” He said, and kicked the Jawa inside. Kurger acting on his instincts, decided to run away from the ship.

Inside, the bounty hunter chuckled as he watched him scurry away, “Pathetic.” He said, and ignited the engine. Kurger flew forwards as a great force hit him, sending him flying forwards and into the sand, he rolled and recovered his posture quickly, and looked at the now flaming and wrecked ship. He was stranded. He shook his head of the sand, and headed towards the nearby city.

He has no recollection of what happened then. Not then, it only resumed again 20 days later. He awoke, in a completely different place.

Bottled Potential Edit

“Hello…” a voice spoke out of nowhere apparent, Kurger straightened up, and swivelled into a sitting position, “Who is that?” he asked, the voice was familiar, yet it was a new voice. No one he understood. A figure appeared besides him as he looked the other way, he jumped, “Bah… who are you!” he demanded in a loud voice, as he jumped away from the figure, “Do not worry.” It told him, removing its hood. A pale white, albino looking face stared hard into his eyes. It seemed thin, you could sense that he was a powerful man, yet very weak and crippled. He raised a hand, “I am one… like you,” he spoke, a rattling breath followed, “I have the power to control people’s minds, bend reality. Control destiny.” Kurger stepped backwards and away from him, “You are freaking me out, stay away!” he yelled, almost stumbling over backwards. In thr catch of the moment, he had a flick of light inside his mind, and he seemed to stop half way down. The moment disappeared. Ouch! He jumped back up, and looked at the figure, "What just happened?" he asked, looking slightly frightened,

The man stayed silent momentarily, "The Force." he said, drawing into him another breath, it seemed to cool the air around him, "you are part of it."

Kurger stepped back, "What is the Force?" he demanded to know from the albino stranger. The albino cackled, "That I can not tell you now. You must learn it yourself," he told Kurger, his voice deep and hoarse now, another rattling breath shook Kurger's head.

The stranger drew an object, it was short and silver, he pressed a small golden button on it, and a beam of light scurried out of it, stopping at about 1 to 1.5 meters out. It was a crimson blade.

The Sith Edit

"Yes... master," Kurger said, only 5 minutes later, he had been explained everything by this man. He had been told all about the sith, their beliefs, traditions. He could see it in his mind. The albino, now known as Darth Minotaras, cackled louder than ever as he raised his hands in an evil joy, "Welcome... to the life of a Sith." he said with an evil glee.

It passed so quickly afterwards, years went by as he was taught with a blade how to fight, how to use the force to his will. He was taught too late however, to learn it quickly. Over 10 years whipped past him in a blur. His training had been halted just a bit after he became 26.

The Sith Religion Edit

For centuries, it has been a sith ritual for the apprentice to try and overcome the master. This would have been the case for Kurger, except he never got as far. Another apprentice of Minotaras, Kihgy (Kih-gee) Terrang, decided to challenge him for the duel, he had been under his influence for 21 years, in that time he had learnt everything his master could give. He decided to finish the sith beliefs, with the survival of the strongest.

The duel did not last long, Minotaras did not want to fight his apprentice, for he knew that the apprentice was the stronger fighter. He was defeated by the severing of his head. Rooms away, Kurger felt this wave of evil force unleashed spur through him, he knew his master was dead. He knew who his new master had to be. He had to go... and bow to Kihgy, who he had never gotten with in all those years.

Under the Influence Edit

Under the new influence of Kihgy, Kurger had to learn to cope with a different teacher - new techniques, ideas, and more.

His 27 birthday passed without anything happening. And this is where we pick him up.
Kurger Pyro
Date of birth1043 ABY
ClassSith Lord
HairDirty-blond,shoulder length.
Skin ToneNormal Colour
Additional Info
Appeared EraRenewed Destinies