Force Absorb - This technique is very useful for the Jedi who specializes in the Force. If used the power can absorb dark side powers and transfer it into their energy.

Force Protection - This power makes the user invulnerable to attacks for a short period of time. Over time this wears off and it immediately diminishes if the user runs out of energy. If under stress and you take damage the shield will eventually wear off.

Force Heal - This is one Force Power that uses the Force to speed up healing. The first few levels of this power require meditation, but greater ranges usually gives faster healing, without needing to meditation. This can be used on multiple targets.

Force Persuasion ( Jedi Mind Trick)­ - This Force Power can trick the mind into thinking something that isn’t true. The Power can imitate sounds in someone’s head. You can only use this power to get entry to a certain area or something that directly involves them and is non violent. ( ie. You cannot steal from a player with this power)This usually works on the weak-minded.

Force Stun - Force stun is a Light side Force power that temporarily freezes the target. It is known to stop the senses of an enemy. It is very often used when faced against many of enemies. The Jedi use this power to render their opponent senseless, entering them into a frozen state. This power only lasts for about 4 posts.

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