Lord Groganax's LifeEdit

Groganax was born on the planet of Ryloth into a family of smugglers and space pirates. It was even said that someone from his family was in 501st Legion when it existed. He was raised in the way to smuggle, steel, and be very cunning to get what he wants. His father died when he was only three and his mother died when he was seven. After that, he was sold as a slave by his older brother and he lived for five years on a large smuggling ship where he had no one to talk to. Once, when he was twelve, his brother visited the owner of the ship to talk about smuggling. When he was asleep, he snuck into his room and shot him.

Afterwards, he had become one of the best Jedi Padawns ever. He wanted to become Jedi Knight, but the Council said no. After that, he left the Jedi Order and turned Exile. His new master, Lord Magluis gave him a Adegan Power Crystal for his old saber. Soon After two years he found out he need to train by him self. He has been on the planet Kamino training ever since.

Until Now...
Lord Groganax
Date of birth1053 ABY
ClassSith Lord
Skin ToneNormal Colour
Additional Info
Appeared EraRenewed Destinies