Lord Magluis started life as a Jedi foundling. He was acknowledged throughout the galaxy as a very powerful Jedi and also a highly ranked asset to keeping the galaxy in order. Magluis attained the rank of Jedi Master when he was only 18 and sat on the council at 20.


Whilst on a mission to the outer-rim territories, Magluis encountered something very strange and extremely power with the force, the oldest ever Sith holocron. Magluis had only ever heard of the Sith, but had never encountered anything to do with them. For all he knew they were extinct.


The second he touched it, it lit up and from within,

The Sith Lord Adas who tainted Magluis

an ancient Sith Lord was released; Adas. Adas had a vast knowledge of the force and whilst being trapped within a holocron had learnt everything he could about it. Adas tainted the Jedi and turned him into an agent of evil, the first Sith Lord for 500 years.

Dark LordEdit

Afterthat fateful day, Magluis took on the role as Sith Lord and opened a small academy where he snatched children to be his agents. he did not let anyone become as powerful as he by attaining the rank of Dark Lord.

Years LaterEdit

In the year 1055 ABY, he took on a new aprentice, Kaadan Kresh. 12 years after that, a converted Jedi sprung into the scene, Alegras. He taught them both for a few more years until handing them both over to one of his apprentices.


The time had come for Magluis to die. After killing their new teacher, Kaadan and Alegras set out for Magluis. One night after he came in from a mission, he was killed, and thus a new sith era dawned.
Lord Magulis
Date of birth1015 ABY
ClassSith Lord
HairNone, Tattooed head
Skin ToneNormal Colour
Additional Info
Appeared EraAll