The force works in mysterious ways. It is said the most powerful of the Force users cannot be killed unless someone stronger than them comes along. Throughout history, we have been taught that this is never the case. The underdogs sneak up from behind and before you know it, you’re dead.

During the times of the Empire, a secret group of emergency Rebel troopers were formed; their duty was to find a way to destroy all the force users in the universe.

During a mission to the unknown regions of space, they encountered the planet Zonama Sekot, a planet holding many, many secrets. The moment they landed the planet engulfed them. For years, they remained inside the planet, the day they were released, they were changed men.

The planet had tainted their souls, and although they had no connection to the force, their ultimate goal had been achieved. They hid in the darkest corners of the universe building their weapon. The time was close. They were about to destroy all powerful force users with one swift strike.

470 ABY and their weapon was almost complete, their final tests were coming into preparation. The moment they launched their final test, the super weapon worked. Instantly all significantly powerful force users died.

Sekot had only allowed the Rebels time enough to live until they achieved their mission. At the same moment they felt victory and were released from the planets influence, they too died.

Now, 500 years on, the Jedi order is thriving once again under new leadership of few who survived the attack of the weapon and from the shadows of the Jedi, a small Sith order has once again been erected.

Will you choose the way of the Sith and bring the galaxy to ultimate evil, or will you rid the galaxy from such evil and stop history repeating itself? The ultimate choice is yours.

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