Varyn's Life Edit

Throughout all that is and all that was, throughout all of the events that have defined the universe, this vast spectrum of life, echoeing into the stillness of the infinite abyss of space and time...such a thing as destiny has been known to grace a select few.

The force. That celestial presence, that which governs the flow of everything that exists as we know it and everything that will exist. The pool in which all those who are deemed worthy draw thier strength from...the force. It is light, it is can be used, manipulated...

The force is not limitless. Thinking this leads not only to the corruption of the force, but all those who dwell within it's confines.

Was that what had happened, so long ago?

Varyn Hal is a hyperactive, self-confident and somewhat annoying young man, and not to mention a fully-fledged Jedi Master with great experience. While his youth and childish behavior may cause many to underestimate him, those who do are normally set straight. He hates nothing more than to not be acknowledged, and lives to prove himself and do good.

He had always been incredibly gifted in the force, and sometimes, has a hard time keeping his powers in check. He has never known why, nor ever questioned it...

But there is something he has noticed, something he would be foolish to put aside, to dismiss as if nothing...sometimes, at night, when he dreams...

It is within him. The source of his power, something like a second presence, lingering within the far, it has only been his dreams that have awakened this presence.

Yes, the dreams...

His mother, his father. He had never known them. He had lived his life thinking he did, but later discovered that those who he had thought were his actual parents were nothing but a couple of strangers, after all those years. Apparantly, his parents had flown to coruscant to give these two the baby...why?

He did not know. But he knew it had to be for a very good reason.

He yearns to be acknowledged, he desires acceptance above all else. He highly values friendship, kindness, and compassion, and will risk his life for those he barely knows. Varyn is truly a one-of-a-kind guy...his compassion knows no bounds. However, he has a tendancy to get into trouble, a big mouth, and he is easily angered by those who treat others like dirt. Though Jedi aren't suppoused to feel such emotion...he believes this is an acception.
Varyn Hal
Date of birth1052 ABY
ClassJedi Master
Skin ToneNormal Colour
Additional Info
Appeared EraRenewed Destinies