Yakobi Hakushi's Life Edit

Yakobi was a semi-normal child, and grew up as such. He went to school, and fit in semi-well, only having disagreements with the popular ones. Throughout his days, he would constantly make them extremely annoyed, and Yakobi, thought individually he could take them, was mobbed and was snuck onto a cargo ship, he had pushed them too far.

Yakobi woke up soon after, ah he had been knocked out. He looked around, muttering how he'd get them back somehow, and started to get up. There was the charging of a weapon behind him, and Yakobi looked backwards to find the Ship's owner thinking Yakobi had come to steal something, which would be logical, considering he was on a ship transporting a very rare ore. Yakobi tried to explain, but his words were ignored, and Yakobi ended up diving behind a box. The man dared not shoot, for fear of damaging the ore. "This is my chance." Yakobi snuck around the line of stacked ore, to behind the disgruntled Ship owner.

Yakobi jumped out and knocked the gun from the man's hands, but he was too slow, the man started running towards the gun, and he was going to get it before Yakobi could beat him there.

Suddenly, the gun rattled, then rattled more, then suddenly, it shot toward Yakobi's outstreched hand, and Yakobi quickly pointed it toward the ship owner and slowly walked out, tossing the blaster back in as he ran away from the port. He thought over what had just happened.

"What WAS that?" He muttered aloud as he ran, but then his thoughts changed to revenge. "Well, whatever it was, I think I have an idea how to use it to my advantage." Yakobi snickered some, and began running towards his house until tomorrow, when he could test his new-found force sensitivity out.

He dodged questions from his mother, and showed up the next day at High School, much to the chagrin of the people who had tried to send him off to some unknown planet.

"How'd you get out?" One asked, going uncomfortably close to Yakobi in an attempt to intimidate him. "Like I would tell you..." Yakobi muttered back, grinning widely. "That just earned you that again, only this time, we're gonna tie you up."

Suddenly, the kid felt a tugging on his belt, where a metal clip hung. he looked down to see what it was, only to see nothing there.

"Heh." Yakobi launched a punch, stunning the jock while he tried to figure out what happened, and ran. Yakobi quickly lost them and went about his day as per usual, and went home.

He went to the attic to explore, as he often did when he was bored, When he was younger, he had found a box with some things in it, but he dismissed it. He opened a box with things they had found when building the small house. He sifted through the things, in a bored manner, and found something that caught his eye. An extremely rusty peice of metal, with what looked like three pipes on it, and a handle. Whatever it was, it was useless now. Yakobi discarded it. And also, something else, a small handle. He lifted it up and examined it, and accidentally pressed a button, a blue blade appeared, along with it a small hum. Yakobi pocketed it, and then made a sudden decision. He packed a small bag of clothes, then set off to the spaceport to sneak on a ship. He was tired of the City planet, and now that he had a means to defend himself, or so he hoped, he was going to explore the universe.

Personality: Yakobi is a joker, and sometimes annoying. He can act like an idiot sometimes, but he is actually very smart... when he wants to be, that is.
Yakobi Hakushi
Date of birth1052 ABY
Skin ToneNormal Colour
Additional Info
Appeared EraRenewed Destinies