Yetaro Medarat's LifeEdit

Yetaro had very little knowledge of his father,because when Yetaro was 5 his father became a Bounty Hunter. His father went on his fist bounty then he was killed. He was hired by a Leader of the Tuskan Raider Clan. He was hired to kill a Sith Apprentice. Yetaro's father was killed. Yetaro vowed to take revenge on the Sith for killing his father. His mother was a Jedi Knight and was a Twi'lek. Yetaro was lucky, he was force-sensitive. His mother trained him through the ways of the force. Yetaro went to the newly reformed Jedi Council. He was awaiting trial of the force when he started to have thoughts of his father. He wanted to be a Bounty Hunter so he could support his mother. He could also take Revenge on the Sith and destroy them by turning themselves on each other. But he thought about the Jedi's. So he passed the trials and became a Jedi Padawan.

That's Where The Story Left Off.....
Yetaro Medarat
Date of birth1050 ABY
ClassJedi Padawan
Skin ToneUnknown
Additional Info
Appeared EraRenewed Destinies